Clio Manor

4403 Clio Rd
Flint, MI 48504
(810) 620-5167

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Lizzy, a once nice beautiful girl was kept captive and tortured in her room by her parents thoughout her child hood and adolesence. Insanity, evil, and hate grew within her until one day she went on a killing spree within her own home murdering her parents and everyone inside with an ax. People say that if you enter the home of the Barlows you yourself will likely become insane and lost.

There are stories circulating that there are many areas where victims are held in captivity, nursed just enough for them to survive, even rooms where they are seemingly set free just to find they are enduring yet another tortuous event while under Lizzy's control.

It is rumored that there is a tunnel taking you in an even worse place to a mad man loyal only to Lizzy is said to hack people to pieces and sew them back together for his own sick and twisted experiments. His failed creations turned into what seem to be zombies forced to roam the outskirts of town.

Will you make it through the Barlows home alive or just become another helpless victim ?

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