The Realm of Darkness

37 Turk St
Pontiac, Michigan 48341
(248) 338-0029

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The Legend of the Realm of Darkness:

Sometimes, there is a horror so great, a tragedy so severe, it causes time to stand still…………

The evil Wizard has reigned at The Realm Of Darkness for centuries.  The progression of time still hasn’t aged the flagstone castle.  Now, the Wizard grows stronger with every soul he claims.  He is using all his power to lure time itself into the Realm’s vortex.  Ghost Warriors from bygone eras, Pirate Lords, Torture masters, Zombies, and a variety of creatures thought long extinct, have all been captured and forced to do the bidding of the demented Wizard.  YOU MAY BE NEXT!

The Wizard lurks at the Realm of Darkness every night, looking for souls to claim…choosing his victims one-by-one.  If YOU are a CHOSEN ONE, will you dare accept the challenge?  Become a “Ghost Warrior” and defeat the Wizard for prizes and a chance to WIN or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

BE WARNED the inhabitants will try everything to keep you from the treasures that lie at the end of your journey. If you are lucky enough, and brave enough to face the evil Wizard at The Realm Of Darkness.

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